7 Considerations that Lead to a Website Conversation

May 5, 2010 by: Shari

From Webify Your Business by Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Websites are admittedly designed to invite visitors, but traffic is not enough. For an internet site to help build business, there must be some kind of interaction between the company and the visitor — i.e., a website conversation.

Here’s a step-by-step action guide:

1. Understand that your website is your Sales Department.

2. Decide what your visitors should learn.

3. Plan the conversation your website has, e.g., the topics for discussions.

4. Qualify your website visitors on each page.

5. Always craft your message to the specific visitor.

6. Build a “path” for your visitors to walk on.

7. Encourage interaction along the way.

“You have complete control over your website. You control what’s on the homepage and you control what’s on the other pages as well.” — Patrick Schwerdtfeger

If you give people what they want on your site, then you help them interact on your site and turn visits into sales.


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