7 Reminders For Effective Message Strategy

February 8, 2010 by: Shari

from David Henderson’s Making News in the Digital Era:

Generating media attention in today’s new world order still holds to some of the tried and true communication strategies that have worked for years. These suggestions may seem old-fashioned, but they remain as effective as ever.

What to do to reach your audience

1. Take responsibility as a leader, manager or communicator for being the face and voice of your organization.

2. Create visionary messages that people will find captivating.

3. Communicate your messages through a clever story.

4. Get to the point quickly and clearly, using words we all understand.

5. Interweave your messages throughout all levels of your organization, like a beacon shining on a path to enhance understanding.

6. Be consistent, timely, truthful and relevant in your messages.

7. Avoid talking about your organization, instead of talking about the value of what your organization does.

There are no secrets here, just common sense and great advice.


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