10 Social Media Sites to Find Answers for Your Questions

February 24, 2010 by: Shari

from The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web by Tamar Weinberg:

People enjoy soliciting the advice of their peers on just about every subject to get the benefit of others’ firsthand experiences. Answers are different than search because they are human responses to specific problems and questions.

Here are 10 popular Q & A sites to get those answers

1. Yahoo! Answers – Most popular Q & A site that reportedly receives 75% of online questions. Community members receive points for answering questions. People who answer may associate themselves with their businesses, and this self-promotion behavior is encouraged.

2. WikiAnswers – A hybrid of Yahoo! Answers and Wikipedia, this site allows you to enhance existing answers – second most popular Q & A site.

3. Ask Metafilter – This is a community of engaged and passionate members who offer high quality answers. Self promotion is highly discouraged.

4. Answerbag – Similar to Yahoo Answers, questioners often comment on the answers they receive. Users also rate questions and answers.

5. Askville – Owned by Amazon, this is a resource-intensive knowledge exchange. Askville encourages citations and references.

6. Twitter Answers – This service requires both a Twitter account and one on Mosio, a mobile-powered search engine. Not exactly a social site, because answers go to the individual.

7. @answerme – Another Twitter Q&A where you start your question with @answerme — and the answer with @answerme @username. An easy way to get your questions answered quickly.

8. LinkedIn Answers – [My personal favorite] Opportunity to build connections through asking and answering questions. Good way to gain new customers.

9. Aardvark – Started in March 2009, this service attempts to find answers from people in your own social network via IM.

10. Mahalo Answers – Launched in 2007 as a Wikipedia contender, Mahalo is a community where members [just set up an account] ask each other questions. The site encourages “tipping” [i.e., actual cash] for the best answers.

What can you gain by sharing your knowled. You earn links that point to your social media profiles and/or website. The more links you get, the more authority you build.


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