11 Types of Marketing Data to Collect

March 16, 2010 by: Shari

from Engage by Brian Solis

Before framing messages for an audience, companies must conduct preliminary research to uncover the following types of information:

1. Material social networks

2. People linked through common interests that are germane to the business, industry, and marketplace

3. Keywords commonly used by community members

4. Patterns for discovering and sharing information

5. Influence of outside networks and also the effects of existing networks on external communities

6. Influential voices, tiered, and how they form distinct and overlapping connections

7. The personality of networks and the specific communities

8. The nature of threads, memes, and associated sentiment

9. The language of inhabitants

10. The prevailing culture and our potential place within it

11. The tools people use to communicate in and around each network

Through observation, worganizations can find their real customers and those who influence them.


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