8 Ways to Become an Expert

April 24, 2010 by: Shari

From WEBify Your Business by Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Developing expertise has never been easier — especially with so much free information available throughout the Worldwide Web. Patrick suggests that you take these three initial steps: (a) Pick a narrow, specific topic; (b) Acquire massive expertise; (c) Present yourself as an expert.

Action Guide to gain that “massive expertise”:

1. Decide on a field you can specialize in.

2. Select a few keywords for your specialty.

3. Use them to find articles on Ezine Articles.

4. Use them to find podcasts on YouTube.

5. Make notes and build your expertise.

6. Notice what your competition is doing.

7. Notice what your competition is not doing.

When you check out the awesome detailed information on every subject imaginable — and add in your own unique talents — you can find your best place in the field.


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2 Responses to “8 Ways to Become an Expert”
  1. Thank you very much, Shari, for including some of my work in your blog. I heard the other day that if you just read 3 books on a given topic, you are effectively an expert in that subject compared with the average person. Apparently, 58% of Americans never read a single non-fiction book after then complete high school. That’s sad but it also represents a HUGE opportunity for those with ambition and initiative.

    • Shari says:

      Patrick, this is a great quote. Would you mind if I repeated it on my Facebook page and refer to this article?
      PS I’m preparing another post for tomorrow.

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